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JD Savage Productons, the creative team behind JDSP TV, can help you bring your video vision to life... on TV, DVD or the web.
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Videotaping, location or studio
High definition, all-digital recording
Post production/ output to DVD, web video, popular codecs
Original Graphics/ titles/ logos
Voice-overs writing/ recording
Script writing

All fees and charges will be discussed and agreed upon by all parties prior to start of the project.
Fees, charges and deliverables delineated in a written contract before start of project.

Location shooting:
Generally billed at $175 per hour, from door to door.
For larger or more complex shoots where additional crew members are requiired, (sound engineers, boom operators, etc.), project fees to be determined in the discussion phase of the project.

Project can be recorded and delivered in a variety of formats and definitions, to be determined based on target audience and conveyance.  All format and output decisions will be discussed and agreed upon before start of project.

Original graphics:
A variety of styles can be achieved for your project.  Everything from logos and related type treatments to
pitch character development can be created.
Fees for independant character design constitute a separate agreement and will be negotiated and contracted before any work is done.
Video titles and graphics utilizing company-owned graphics and typefaces are included in the negotiated project cost.

Theater and Events!
Let Your Audience Bring Home the Magic!
Theater and performance art can be a wondrous thing, and sometimes, it needs to be watched live. Not every performance translates well to a TV or computer screen.
Many do, however, and it's those performances that your audience will demand on DVD or streaming video!
Be ready to fill that need!

Got an Idea for a Great Video? Let Us Film it, and then
Share it with the World!

We all want that video idea to go viral! Let JD Savage bring your vision to life! You never know...

Commercial Ads
Not just for TV anymore!
Along with local, regional and national ads, advertisments have to be made ready for the web.
Many of today's consumers no longer watch television unless they can control it. That means viral videos, product placements and sponsorships that open up a whole new world of possibilities to reach your audience!

Shine a Spotlight on Your Best Work
Product Videos, Program Reviews and More!
Whether it's a new product, a new way of doing things or a new direction, show it in its best light.
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