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Kids are born artists.
Coloring, finger paints, chalk drawings...
every kid is a creative genius.

But, somewhere between childhood
and adulthood, that freedom is stifled.
For some, it's buried. For others, simply forgotten, but, it's always there, just below the surface.

Reawaken that inner child designer.
You'll be amazed at how much fun you can have
if you allow it.
The only talent you need is the ability
to have fun!

Join us for one of our Paint with Friends get-togethers,
and make something beautiful .
Small group sessions make for more personal instruction and a better atmosphere in which to unleash your creative side!

Sign Up, (coming soon), for our next Paint with Friends session.
$20 per person in classes with usually no more than ten people. Classes usually last 2 hours.

Private Parties!

Invite your friends and offer a truly
unique experience!
Our instructor will come to you with all of the tools, brushes, paints, canvas, etc. that you need to turn a get-together into a full-on happening!
$25 per person, and with 10 or more people, you paint for free!
Group instruction usually lasts 2 hours.

Mileage and other restrictions apply, so send an email request with the date & time, location,
design selection, and number of people attending.
Let's set it up!

Institutional Rates

Activities Directors, if you're looking for a safe,
fun activity for your residents, this is it!
We use acrylic paints that are vibrant, safe,
non-toxic and clean up with water.
We provide all of the tools needed, including smocks. You provide the space and the painters! People of all ages and skill levels love to create!
Monthly, bi-monthly or weekly programs are available.
$20 per painter, each session,
but we can be flexible to accommodate your budget. Let's talk!
Email us to get the ball rolling!



Questions? More info? Contact Our Instructor - Jeff Davis or call (914) 483-9436


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