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"The only problem with painting parties is that there are too many people. If you need help, it's impossible for the instructor to really give you individual attention."

Well, we've fixed that. By keeping our sessions small, (usually between 10-20 people),
we've made it possible for the instructor
to see each painting, provide feedback and
discuss the strengths of each painter's work.
Add some camaraderie, a relaxed atmosphere
and a few friends,
and you've got yourself a party!

Beginning in September of 2015,
Paint with Friends has become the alternative
to the large group painting party idea.

Jeff Davis, our instructor, has worked with some
of the finest high technology
teams in the business, and has delivered
to some of the world's most recognizable companies the
high quality graphics, multimedia and print materials
they demand, all over the world.
IBM, Cable & Wireless, Target, Carrier
and many more have experienced the benefits of Jeff's artistic vision and solid work ethic.
From crisp corporate design, fantasy art and audio/video productions, Jeff brings his experience and
“whatever it takes” approach to each project.

Jeff took up pen and brush, as well as a camera, early in life. He majored in art and design throughout his education years, and continues to regard himself as a student of the history and reinvention of popular culture. 


Questions? More info? Contact Our Instructor - Jeff Davis or call (914) 483-9436


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