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Order your extra copies of Pied Piper Youth Theater shows here!

Great for Grandparents, relatives who live far away or just
to have an extra copy for YOU!


JD Savage Productons, the creative team behind JDSP TV,
can help you bring your video vision to life... on TV, DVD or the web.
Contact us to find out how we can help!


Have you heard about
The skills YOUR child needs to succeed
in Kindergarten and beyond!
Watch a sample video!

Coming soon PPYT 2014 Workshop Performances
DVD Pay via Paypal
TOR Coastal Youth Theatre
Babes in Toyland

Hairspray 2014 - Julianna as Velma

Hairspray 2014 - Rachel as Velma


DVD Delivery

Paid DVD orders will be distributed by JD Savage Productions. 

What a great gift idea !

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