Discovery by Jeff Davis

A young female engineering student is a member of a University team. The team is tasked with creating a solution for the city's water treatment problem. A local politician threatens to withhold local funding unless a solution is delivered by a set time. The Politician needs a big win to stave off a challenge to his seat by a rival Challenger Politician, and is determined to have a solution created by the Engineering Department, for free, by the next city council meeting.

The young female engineer, with some help from her wacky teammate, discovers the solution to the city's water treatment issues. Meanwhile, the Politician remains oblivious to all but the males on the team while his rival discovers the female engineers and connects with them.
The Challenger Politician presents the female engineers' solution to all, all but securing her place as the next holder of the politician's seat on the city council.

Female engineers are capable and competent, even while being ignored or dismissed by the established leaders of society.

To help provide young girls with the encouragement necessary to pursue engineering, science and mathematical careers, without male-bashing or gender shaming.

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