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Join Gina and Kim as they explore everything that matters... from digital photos to choosing the right party treats, and more!

Episode Guide:
Perfect Party Ideas
Kids' snacks with Julianna & Alana!
H'ors D'ouvers with Margo!
Handmade truffles with Vanessa!
Plus... Kim-tinis!

Building Self-Esteem
Miss Gail's Dance Class
The benefits of Theater
Music for your whole life!

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Healthy Choices
More Kid friendly snacks with Alana & Julianna
Managing sugars with Carolyn
Yoga with Mariah

Kitchen Gadgets
Gadgets and fun ideas with the Gadget Sisters!
Gina & Kim share their own fun gadgets!

Busy Moms
Choosing a Family Dentist
Gardening with Margo!
Digital Photos

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Pied Piper Youth Theater link
To learn more about the Pied Piper Youth Theater
and get your kids involved, check out their website here!
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